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Teaching children about medicine - National Science Week
  • Medical Guidelines with the REPLIGO VIEWER

    1. View your hospital or GP guidelines on your PDA (Palm, Windows Mobile, etc) without losing any formatting.
    2. The REPLIGO VIEWER reads files created in the RepliGo format. (files ending in .RGO)
    3. Any file type (e.g. PDF, MSWord, EXCEL, JPGs, etc) can be converted into the RepliGo format without any loss in the formatting of your information.
    4. The RepliGo Viewer is free, but you have to purchase the RepliGo converter program.
    5. However, as with Adobe files, you only need one converter program; once a file is converted anyone can view it with the free viewer. So buy one copy as a team and split the costs.

    • To purchase a converter click here
    • To download and install the FREE RepliGo viewer click here (remember to download the correct viewer for your PDA)
    • Then simply transfer converted files from your PC to your PDA -


  • Keep up-to-speed with your clinical pharmacology - download notes in RepliGo format here
  • PDA / Handheld Computer Projects

    1. A Handheld Computer System for the Handover of Acute Surgical Admissions (Phase I, 2005/6)
    Kings Lynn Hospital, Norfolk - in progress

    2. Palm Nursing Project (Phase I, 2004; Phase 2, 2006)
    St. Mary’s Hospital PICU, London

    3. "Patient Information", , on PDAs (Phase I, 2006)
    Personal Project, release of Handbase Software coming soon

    4. Undergraduate Medical Education PDA Project (Phase I, 2006/7)
    University of Southampton Medical School, UK

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